18 April 2010

17 April 2010: Family Values

Excuse me while I step on my soapbox for a moment...

I went to visit some friends who just had a baby. Two people who love their daughter with every fiber of their being. A couple that is so in love with each other that there is no doubt that their love will be passed on unconditionally to this child and any other children that they welcome into their family. How anyone could question their right to marry and have children makes me angry. Thankfully they live in a state where they can marry and they did have a child. They are truly an inspiration to me...I have every confidence that they will raise this child to an open-minded, community focused and strong woman! There are far too many children in their world who are not loved, who are abused, who are being taught that not all people are due the same rights - I love that these two women are just being who they are and committed to raising their daughter in a loving home. Isn't that what "family values" SHOULD be all about???

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