31 March 2010

31 March 2010: A River Ran Through It

The flood gates were opened and RI was hit hard. Several days of heavy rains caused rivers to overflow their banks and cause some devastating damage all over New England. Unfortunately this one hit close to home...literally. My sister's house (which is also my childhood home) was flooded when the Pawcatuck River rose to record heights. She had 2 FEET of water in her living room. The first pictures I took in Manchester, NH and the last picture was sent to me by my sister. It is actually a block farther from the river than the family home. My thoughts and prayers are with my sister and everyone else affected by this disaster.

30 March 2010

30 March 2010: My Secret Garden

I happened upon this place in Saratoga Springs early this morning as I was out taking photographs. It was just an amazing collection of "stuff" for gardens, yards, etc. I love so much of it and would have probably bought something had it been open. Nothing was secured but the police station was across the street so I am sure that will deter the typical pillow...err I mean garden thief.

29 March 2010: You Light Up My Life

The lights of Broadway...Broadway St in Saratoga Springs that is!

28 March 2010: Eleven Weeks And Counting

The Jamesville Balloon Festival is coming and so is our annual party! Can't wait... http://www.syracuseballoonfest.com/

27 March 2010: Ivy Ivy Everywhere

We have a couple areas in our yard that has ivy. I HATE IT! It is so invasive and I want it to magically go away!

27 March 2010

26 March 2010: Moments In Time

I am not sure when the moment happens. Sometimes it is instantly...sometimes a matter a months and honestly sometimes it never happens. The moment when your work colleagues become your friends. People you truly care about and want to keep in touch with even when you are not gossiping around the water cooler.

I was able to catch up this week with a friend I still work with and one that I haven't worked with for many years. It was great on both counts. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in work and forget that there is much more to connect with people about. It was nice to remember that those connections run deeper than projects or the most recent crisis. So whether it is crazy Kelly doing yoga poses on the window ledge in our hotel room or meeting Denise's beautiful baby girl for the first time, I am happy that those connections moved past the office and into a lasting friendship!

25 March 2010: Sculpture Or Martian

One of the many art sculptures on the streets of Charlotte! I think it is a Martian Chicken.

24 March 2010: A Room With A View

The view from our room on the 23rd floor of the Westin in Charlotte, NC.

23 March 2010

23 March 2010: Happy Surprises

I love how you can see the rain lines in the background of this picture...it was a total accident. Photo surprises are awesome except when you try to recreate them and can't!

22 March 2010: A Star Is Born

Happy Birthday to me! :)

21 March 2010

21 March 2010: Ding Ding Ding

I have mentioned our MacKenzie-Childs dinner bell before and here is a picture of it. It is a forged iron piece hanging on the front of our house. Today as we were doing some yard work, I rang it a few times to ring in spring!

20 March 2010

20 March 2010: The Salt City

It was another beautiful day on this first day of spring. We took a ride out to Onondaga Lake Park for a short walk and a few pictures. Syracuse is (or was) known as the Salt City. Back in the day the salt industry created the City of Syracuse and supplied the entire nation with salt!

19 March 2010

19 March 2010: Mow Mow Mow Your Lawn

First day of spring is tomorrow and our grass is already growing (at least the patches above the septic). Bill will be excited to get back on the riding mower soon!

18 March 2010: Green With Envy

Another one of Bill's "green man" carvings. In celebration of spring yet again. You will find a bit more about the green man from a previous post: http://wide-angle-lens.blogspot.com/2009/02/23-february-2009-photo-green-man.html

17 March 2010: Looking For Leprechauns

Happy St Patrick's Day. This not a very St Patty's type picture at first glance, but there is a leprechaun hiding behind that tree. Can't you see him?

16 March 2010

16 March 2010: Far Above Cayuga's Water

More Ithaca, more gorges, more Cornell from this morning's photo frenzy before some more meetings in the area.

15 March 2010: Ithaca is Gorges

I went back to my old stomping grounds for some meetings and indulged myself with some HDR photos of the gorges.

14 March 2010: Shadow Dancing

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you and copying your every move??

13 March 2010: It's Shocking

Hey I have been doing this for two years...sometimes you are going to get pictures of not so exciting items!

12 March 2010: Guardian Of The Beer

Bill likes statues, gargoyles, stonework, etc. I am not sure what this one is celebrating with his bottle of champagne but he is guarding Bill's "beer fridge" in the garage!

11 March 2010: Hot Hot Hot

Finally the spring thaw has warmed us up...it is almost time to get the fans out!

10 March 2010: Spontaneous Splurge

In a moment of weakness as I was driving through NYC, I bought a new lense that I have wanted for almost a year. Happy Early Birthday to me!

10 March 2010

9 March 2010: A Little Of This...A Little Of That

It was a long day...after leaving at 5am to drive to NYC for a meeting, I stopped in Princeton en route to Glenside, PA. Several hours later, here are a few of the results of the days travels. You have seen the Finnster in previous post and you will be happy to know that he is growing like crazy, walking like a champ and cute as ever!

8 March 2010: All Day Long You'll Have Good Luck!

I guess it was a good thing that I picked up this penny I found. I got a call from Bill telling me that his brakes went out in the truck while he was driving to work. What?!?! Luckily, all was fine and the brakes did not go out completely...he just had to push them all the way down to the floor to stop! A few hundred bucks later and all is fine...I guess I better start finding more pennies, dimes, dollars to pay for the new brake line.

07 March 2010

7 March 2010: Sleigh Bells Ring...Are You Listening?

Bill and I finally went on a horse drawn sleigh ride at Highland State Park. I have wanted to do this since I moved here and read about it. It was a beautiful day, sun shining, temperatures rising and snow starting to melt. The ride was not quite as Dickens-esque as I had made it out to be in my head but still it was nice. We will have to go back at some point for a night ride as I am sure that would be even more beautiful!

6 March 2010: Playing With Water...Again

Yes I am playing with liquid again...you got a problem with that!?!

06 March 2010

5 March 2010: Snow Dog

Mona doesn't always quite get that she is not a teacup dog that can walk on top of the icy topped snow. Bill dug out a path for her to "do her business" but she insists on exploring further and falling through the snow!

04 March 2010

4 March 2010: The Right to Bear Arms

I have driven by this dome many times in my life and always assumed it was some kind of church or cultural building. I was very surprised when I started doing some research on it that it was the home of the Colt Firearms Manufacuturer. When I drove by it yesterday, I finally decided to figure out where to get closest to it to photograph it. You can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colt_Armory

3 March 2010: The Insurance City

Captured this picture out of my car window while driving through Hartford - AKA the insurance city!

2 March 2010: Toot Toot

If only our train system was better in the U.S., I would spend a lot less time in my car!

02 March 2010

1 March 2010: Dreaming Of The Warm Sun

With all this snow covering the deck and the topless gazebo, it is hard to think that it is going to be warm again...someday! You can see the gazebo in all it's summer glory here: http://wide-angle-lens.blogspot.com/2009/05/23-may-2009-photo-summer-dreams.html and dream of the warm summer days with me.