30 April 2009

April Showers Brings May Flowers

April in collage!

30 April 2009 Photo(s): You Can Have Your Cakepop and Eat It Too

A few weeks ago, a friend posted some pictures of cakepops they made. I become obsessed with them and decided I wanted to make them for my annual Hotair Bolloon Festival party. I felt like I needed to to a dry run and our niece's First Communion is this weekend so it seemed like a good excuse to play.

So for several hours tonight I baked, rolled, dipped and decorated these cakepops and I am exhausted. These little treats were originally made by Bakerella. She is much better at these than I am but she has had a lot more practice. You can check out her wares here http://bakerella.blogspot.com/search/label/cupcake%20pops

They take a lot of time and effort but I think the kids will like them. I used red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting for mine...you can see the inside of one of them as Bill needed to be the taste tester. The cupcakes are adorable, the hot air balloon still needs some work and Bill thinks the other one looks like the stress doll you squeeze that has eyes and ears that pop out like these http://www.thinkgeek.com/images/products/zoom/martian_thing.jpg.

29 April 2009 Photo: Tiptoe Through The Tulips

I was surprised to see these yellow tulips coming up along the fence. I don't remember them being there last year but I am getting old and forgetful.

Also the tulip tree has been updated here http://wide-angle-lens.blogspot.com/2009/04/13-april-2009-photo-rebirth.html

28 April 2009

28 April 2009 Photo: More Morning Dew

Another cool morning after a warm night produced great little droplets of water on the leaves.

27 April 2009 Photo: Bridging The World

I was doing my final school visit at Roger Williams University. I worked here about 5 years ago for less than a year and it is always nice to go back because it is one of the most beautiful campuses I visit. It is right on the water. As they say in real estate...it's all about location location location!

The bridge above is the Mount Hope Bridge which spans over the Mount Hope Bay. Rhode Island truly is a beautiful state...I'm not biased.

26 April 2009

26 April 2009 Photos: Spa-tastic

We got up early again this morning and went to enjoy the hot tub and steam baths at Mirbeau. We had an amazing room with a patio overlooking the gardens. This is one of the most amazing places and it is only 30 minutes from home. If you are looking for a get-away, come here for a visit...it is well worth it! http://www.mirbeau.com/spa.html

We also had a great dinner over the weekend at Rosalie's Cucina. I had a pasta dish which was the closest I have ever had to the way my mom used to make it. If you are looking for good Italian, check this place out: http://www.rosaliescucina.com/

Finally, while I was away my tulip tree exploded into it's full beauty. I have updated it here:

25 April 2009 Photos: Itsy Bitsy Sunrising Spiders

We got up early this morning and went to watch the sunrise on Skaneateles Lake. Bill took me to Mirbeau Inn and Spa to celebrate my birthday which was last month. While we were walking in town witnessed the bright sun rising over the church in town and also caught the itsy bitsy spider preparing her breakfast. The sun was so bright, I did not get the web in the photo, but I like the way the spider and flies appear to just be hanging in mid air.

The day turned out to be in the upper 80s and we enjoyed the rest of the day with a picnic on the lake, relaxing at the spa and wandering through the stores in town.

24 April 2009

24 April 2009 Photo: Heading Out Like A Lamb

With only a week left in April, it is starting to head out like a lamb. The sun is shining and it is supposed to be in the 80s this weekend. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and my time on the road is almost done for the semester. These daffodils popped up in my yard while I was in Vermont earlier in the week and you can see the tulip tree really starting to pop in the background. It's going to be a good weekend in the northeast! Get out and enjoy the sunshine!

The tulip tree bud is getting bigger...check it out. http://wide-angle-lens.blogspot.com/2009/04/13-april-2009-photo-rebirth.html

23 April 2009

23 April 2009 Photo: Fun With Color

I was driving by this barn and thought I had gotten some good shots. When I got home and downloaded the photos, I didn't like the way the sky looked so I played around with it a bit and came up with this photograph. I like the orange color of the sky as it plays with the green grass and old wood barn. What do you think?

22 April 2009

22 April 2009 Photo: Giddy Up

I passed by this lovely little farm on my way back from Vermont early this morning. It was a great morning, complete with filtered sun and a bit of fog which makes for great light and ambiance for photographs. I am a huge fan of horses and have been since I was a wee one. I had more horse figurines than anyone I knew and drew them all the time. I have dreamed of owning a horse all my life and who knows...maybe one day we will.

21 April 2009

21 April 2009 Photo: Vermonster

Today was FREE CONE DAY at Ben and Jerry's. Did you get yours? I happened to be in Waterbury, VT which is the mecca for B&J's. When I lived in Vermont, my staff like to get Vermonsters for their floor programs in the residence halls. If you have never seen one of these concoctions, it consists of the following in a giant bucket:
20 scoops of ice cream (4.5 pounds)
10 scoops of chopped walnuts
5 scoops of fresh whipped cream
4 scoops of hot fudge
5 chocolate chip cookies
2 scoops of M&M’s
2 scoops of Reeses
2 scoops of chocolate jimmies
1 giant homemade brownie

I stuck with the lemonade sorbet for my free scoop today!

20 April 2009

20 April 2009 Photo: Morning Stillness

I am up in Vermont for a few days and am rediscovering the wonder of the area. I lived and worked in VT for 3 years right out of undergrad. I learned a lot about the myself all those years ago and have fond memories of the people I met here.

Now,I get to visit a couple times a year for my cuurent job and each time I am here, I think that I could live in Burlington. It is a great city and reminds me a lot of Ithaca (where I lived for 10 years). This morning I went out for a drive and stopped in a few places to take a walk. Lake Champlain was calm this morning and no sightings of Champ this morning.Who knows...someday I may come back.

19 April 2009

19 April 2009 Photo: Water Constellations

Crossing Lake Champlain on the ferry today was as magical as ever. The sun was catching the water just right that made it look like diamonds or stars sparkling on the surface of the water. Doesn't it make you want to jump in and gather them up to put in your pocket for a cloudy day? As I was driving off of the ferry I put in Paul Simon's song, Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes. It seemed appropriate, no?

She's a rich girl
She don't try to hide it
Diamonds on the soles of her shoes
He's a poor boy
Empty as a pocket
Empty as a pocket with nothing to lose

I have also updated the progress of the tulip tree bud...check it out

18 April 2009

18 April 2009 Photo: Come On Baby Light My Fire

As I was cleaning today, this candle caught my eye as my subject of the day. Never been lit and probably never will be unless we have a power outage and we run out of candles. If you know me, you know that will never happen. I have so many candles, you'd think I was living in the good ol' days before electricity. As soon as I wrote electricity it made me think of School House Rock and this song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPyClNtyFOs

17 April 2009

17 April 2009 Photo: Animal Vegetable or Mineral

This is obviously a plant, however when you suspend reality for a moment, and take away the color it could be a brain or a mountain range or use your imagination. It is, in fact, the rhubarb in our backyard. This is not something we planted but it was here when we bought the house, so I have learned to make strawberry rhubarb pie. We have a ton of it and it grows twice a summer from the same plants so if you want some, let me know!

16 April 2009

16 April 2009 Photo: The Ceremonial Hanging Of The Hammock

The temperature is going to hit 60 today and there is no snow in sight so I figured it was time for the official hanging of the hammock! Our hammock is my favorite place to hang out on warm summer days and read, sleep and just think. We live on a deadend street so it is pretty peaceful (except for the occasional train). Today has been a day of reflection and hoping and what better place to do that than my trusty hammock!

15 April 2009

15 April 2009 Photo: Painted Sunrise

Leaving for the gym today, I was greeted by an amazing burst of color peaking over the reservoir. I am hoping this brightness continues as I keep thinking positive thoughts.

14 April 2009

14 April 2009 Photo: Daffodil Days

Daffodil Days is one of the American Cancer Society's oldest and most beloved fundraising programs. As the first flower of spring, the daffodil represents hope and renewal. To the American Cancer Society (ACS), the daffodil symbolizes the hope we all share for a future where cancer no longer threatens those we love.

Each spring, the Society offers daffodils to donors in appreciation for a contribution. By sending bunches of daffodils to friends, family members, and people touched by cancer, you are sharing a message of hope and raising funds and awareness to help defeat cancer.

This little daffodil is in my yard but had broken or something was trying to eat it. I picked it up and put in on our fence and it made a lovely photo of the day. Even though official daffodil days that support ACS are over, buy someone a bunch of daffodils and make their day! And you can still give to ACS in other ways... http://www.cancer.org/docroot/home/index.asp?level=0

13 April 2009

13 April 2009 Photo: Rebirth

The tulip tree (a type of magnolia) in our back yard is starting to bloom. When I was walking up the driveway this morning, I noticed the first bit of color popping out of the pods. I am going to try to document this particular pod during it's growth process so here is the first picture of it. I love this tree but it is really messy several times a year but the beauty of it when it is in full bloom makes it well worth it. I am sure there will be more pictures to come as the rebirth of our tulip tree continues!
UPDATED April 16th: Here is the bud's progress!

UPDATED April 19th: We had some rain last night and there were a few water droplets on my bud...it should be blooming by the time I get back from VT.

UPDATED April 24th: Not quite open yet but the tree is certainly going to be beautiful when it does.

UPDATED April 26th: In full bloom!
UPDATED April 26th: The Whole Tree!

UPDATED APril 29th: And It's Gone... My bloom has run it's course. The tree is already starting to drop it's flowers and soon the leaves will start.

12 April 2009

12 April 2009 Photo: Peep Show

OK so this is not the best example of photography, but I could not let the yearly CNY Diorama Contest go by without a shout out to the Peeps. I look forward to this every year, well it's only the third year running but still I wait with anticipation. It brings me back to my childhood when making dioramas was the best class project ever and I was good at it!

This year's winner in Syracuse was call St Baldpeeps Day which was based on St Baldrick's Foundation. St Baldrick's Foundation (http://www.stbaldricks.org/) is an organization to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer. It's great cause with events that run all over the country. Check it out!

And if you want to see more Peeporamas check out these websites:

Happy Easter to you and yours! Thanks Easter Bunny...BOCK BOCK!

11 April 2009 Photo: S.W.A.K.

Today was supposed to be tax day at our house but the day got away from me and they did not get done. The days are few between now and April 15th so I better get moving. Since I do them on line these days, I can't S.W.A.K. (Sealed With A Kiss) them on the envelope but perhaps I can attach this photo to send along to them. Here's hoping the NY State does not screw up my taxes for a third year in a row - S.W.A.K. NY State!

Update 4/14/09 Taxes are SWAKed and sent!

10 April 2009

10 April 2009 Photo: Watching Grass Grow

So my obsession with grass continues...this morning it happens to be all about the frost on the green stuff. It was cold and sunny this morning and I captured some ice crystals on our lawn. My husband is not necessarily ready for the grass to start growing again because that means the 2 hour weekly mowings will commence again; however, I am ready for grass growing, flowers blooming, and baby birds hatching.
If you click on the pictures to make them bigger, you can see the crystals a bit more.

9 April 2009 Photo: Glowing Global Glass

This morning when I walked out side, the sun was hitting the stained glass earth my sister JoAnne made me a few years ago. It was almost glowing. Because of my job, I am able to travel to many amazing places and encourage college students to study abroad. I am a firm believer that we should all explore new places whether it is the next town over or on the other side of the globe. The more we understand about our neighbors, near and far, the better off we will be (in my opinion). Ok...stepping off my soap box before I am pushed off.

08 April 2009

8 April 2009 Photo: Wagamama

If you love noodles and have never been to Wagamama's, find one and go! There really are not very many in the U.S. at this point so you may have to go the the UK. Hey, it's a great excuse for an overseas trip! The first ones in the States opened in Boston a couple years ago and I try to get there when I can and suggest you make the trek. Wagamama's YUM!!!!

7 April 2009 Photo: Red Sox Opening Day

I was down at the Colleges of the Fenway on the opening day of the Red Sox season. Luckily I avoided the crazy fanatical Sox fans as my meeting was done before the game began. This photo was taken from the 6th floor of the Mass College of Phamacy looking down Huntington.

6 April 2009 Photo: Here's Comes Peter Cottontail

...hoppin' down the bunny trail. It that time of year again - children being forced to sit on the giant scary Easter Bunny's lap to capture a picture. Too many times, I see kids screaming bloody murder as they are placed on the lap of this crazy looking bunny. Who can blame them, if you were made to sit on the lap of something that is 100 times the size of what it should be wouldn't you be frightened? Thanks Easter Bunny...BOCK! BOCK!

P.S. If a bunny eats lots of carrots and carrots are good for your eyes, why is Peter wearing glasses???

05 April 2009

5 April 2009 Photo: Easter Chicks (and Hens)

The weather warmed up today and as we were leaving Bill's parents, I saw these hens and chicks (it really is the name of these plants) enjoying the warm sun. Then I got to thinking about Easter chicks and why are chicks a part of this holiday tradition. It took me a few minutes to realize it was because of Easter eggs...ok sometimes I am slow. Just a small glimpse into my thought processes - scary I know!

4 April 2009 Photo: ¿Dónde está el sol?

We got home on Friday after a week in NYC. It was nice to be home and sleep in my own bed; however, when I woke on this fine Saturday it was cold and rainy. Within a few hours, the rain switched to snow. It wasn't the kind of snow that stuck on the ground but there were flakes on my car. I thought it was spring! My tulips are coming up outside (at least they were), the grass is turning green, the trees are budding and snow snOW SNOW was falling.

Luckily the sunflowers that my sister, Anne Marie, sent for my birthday were still alive in my house. Even though I did not have any sun outside, the bright yellow flowers inside made my day a little brighter.

03 April 2009

3 April 2009 Photo: Two Cool Dudes

So technically this picture was taken late last night (not quite April 3rd) but close enough and I just could not let this classic photo go without making it the photo of the day. Bill and "Lady" Liberty were chillin' in Time Square. A week in NYC is just not complete without a cheesy touristy photo.

02 April 2009

2 April 2009 Photo: The Grass Is Always Greener

I love this photograph! As I was walking to a meeting this morning near Lincoln Center, I saw this grass growing with the dew still holding on late in the morning. In a city like NYC, with the tall buildings and concrete, it is easy to lose sight of the beauty of the green grass. I stopped immediately to take some pictures and captured the drops on the blades. If you look really closely, you may be able to see my reflection in the water droplet.

01 April 2009

1 April 2009 Photo(s): Window Dressing

So I quit my job today. While I was in New York City this week, I have been inspired by all the fun window displays I have seen and decided to throw caution to the wind and try my hand at a new profession as a window dresser. Here are some of the displays that pushed me down that road!

P.S. April Fools! But I have enjoyed the windows of Manhattan... maybe someday!