14 August 2010

14 August 2010: Sunny Disposition

I bought some sunflowers at the farmers market today and added them to some peppers and tomatoes from our garden...loves the HDR effect of both of these photos!

13 August 2010: Garden Gecko

The gecko has been trying to get into the garden bounty!

12 August 2010: Shadows And Swirls

I like how the swirls and shadows are playing with each other.

11 August 2010: Lake Love

Since I haven't been to the ocean much this summer, I am learning to love the lakes again!

10 August 2010: Changing Again

While the summer heat has not completely subsided, some of the leaves have started their transformation! The beautiful fall colors will be here before you know and after all of this summer humidity...I am ready!

9 August 2010: Gently Down The Stream

Row, row, row your leaf...

8 August 2010: Basic Black

I just brought this photo down to the simple black and white line elements.

07 August 2010

7 August 2010: Fading Fast

The summer is coming to a quick end and the flowers around the yard are fading fast!

6 August 2010: Trolley Car Diner Take Two

Another trip to the Trolley Car Diner and more photos. There was a new mural this year which was pretty cool. We sat at the counter for breakfast this year. You can see it here from the photo I took last year: http://wide-angle-lens.blogspot.com/2009/06/26-june-2009-photo-trolley-car-diner.html
This year Bridget tried scrapple - it didn't look very appetizing!

5 August 2010: Crazy Colleagues

We had a staff gathering by the "Water Feature" at Arcadia. I have been taking crazy pictures of my friends I met through Arcadia all over the world for the last six years. Here's to many more photo opps...

4 August 2010: Doggie Style

This building has all of your dog need covered...hungry for a hot dog - go to "Yo Dogs" or if you need some dog grooming - hit up "Groomingdales". One of my colleagues spotted this photo op last year and I finally stopped to take the picture.

3 August 2010: Mugging For The Camera

Some untraditional portraits in Chestnut Hill.

2 August 2010: Give Me Back My Babies

The fish are swimming toward the caviar...do you think they want their eggs back??

1 August 2010: Chestnut Hill Gardens

The gardens are in full bloom at the Chestnut Hill Hotel...my home away from home when I am at the central office for work!

31 July 2010: Don't Throw Stones

People in glass buildings shouldn't throw stones!