30 September 2009

Saturated September

It is hard to believe that I have been doing this daily photo a day for 9 months. September had been difficult to keep up the task but I have succeeded despite my crazy fall travel schedule. It has been a labor of love.

30 September 2009 Photo: Spire In The Sky

During an outdoor fair today, the skies were grey and overcast for most of the day. When it began to clear and warm up, this spire at Simmons College caught my eye.

29 September 2009 Photo: Invisibility Cloak At Brown

Hermione Granger is behind that tree. Can you see her? No? Well that is because I am CERTAIN she is wearing Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. I was at Brown today and was hoping to have an Emma Watson sighting since she is now a student at this RI campus but if she was there, she did not come to the study abroad fair. Either way, it was a beautiful day on campus and this is of my favorite campuses in my favorite state! Next time, Emma, let's have tea and talk about your desire to study abroad in Greece or South Africa.

28 September 2009

28 September 2009 Photo(s): BEWARE! Moose Crossing

As I was driving through Bennington, VT today there seems to have been a moose stampede. They have invaded the town and seem to have taken to getting tattoos and piercings! http://www.benningtonmoosefest.com/artist.html

27 September 2009

27 September 2009 Photo: "Reddy" Or Not

The rain has returned after a lack of precipitation for most of September. I hope this water will help to make the fall foliage more brilliant this season.

26 September 2009 Photo: Booda Cow

Mona has not made an appearance in the blog for a while so here she is for today's photo with her favorite toy Booda Cow!

26 September 2009

25 September 2009 Photo: Pool Sharks

Another night hanging with the study abroad colleagues from all over the country ended in pool. Beware of the sharks!

24 September 2009 Photo: Starlight...Starbright

I am at a meeting for work Thursday - Saturday at a conference center just outside of Philly. As I was sitting on a couch waiting for some colleagues, these lights captured my eye (and my camera lens).

23 September 2009

23 September 2009 Photo(s): The Fall Of Freddie The Leaf

My obsession with the falling leaves continue as I travel around New England for work. Here are a few examples from my drive along the Mohawk Trail through the Berkshires of MA. I also love the book, "The Fall of Freddie the Leaf" by Leo Buscaglia and this time of year always makes me think of it for multiple reasons. If you have never read it, you can check out the text of it here: http://achievebalance.com/spirit/theleaf.htm.

22 September 2009

22 September 2009 Photo: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I am in the "Happy Valley" this week doing school visits and noticed the Eric Carle Museum was here. I took a few moments between meetings to go check it out. I didn't get a chance to go inside the museum as it was $9 to get in and I didn't have that much free time so I figured I would wait for another visit when I had more time. If you are looking for something fun to do with the kids head to Amherst, MA and visit. It looks pretty cool... http://www.carlemuseum.org/Home

21 September 2009 Photo: Partly Foggy Chance Of Glowing

I had a beautiful drive from NY to MA as the sun was rising through the fog. The glowing disc was eclipsed by the thick fog and made the sky glow. I don't love this photo but with 5 hours of driving and 7 hours of meetings/fairs I didn't have a whole lot of time to shoot.

20 September 2009

20 September 2009: Cha Cha Cha Changes

The temperature was in the low 40s when I took Mona out this morning. The brisk air, light frost on the grass, the pumpkins at the farmers market and the changing leaves can only mean one thing...autumn has arrived! Tuesday is the first official day of fall and while I am sad to be putting away our summer furniture, I absolutely love the fall season. I am in awe of the leaves that paint the countryside each year. I feel alive in the brisk morning air and long to see the mist/fog rise off of the lakes and mountains. So here is hoping for a colorful leaf peeping season and prepare to see many more photographs of the scenes of fall throughout New England!

19 September 2009

19 September 2009 Photo: Bumper Crops

We went to the Farmer's Market today and there were so many peppers and tomatoes. I wish I had time to make more salsa but not this weekend since I am only home for about 48 hours. It took all of my control not to start buying pumpkins for the fall/halloween. I guess I can wait a couple more weeks for when we can go out and pick them at our favorite pumpkin patch. It's almost time for the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

18 September 2009

18 September 2009 Photo: Fiery Flowers

I got home last night from a long week on the road. I was surprised by the beautiful red sunflowers that Bill brought me as a welcome home present. The sunflowers were dyed red and there was one lone yellow petal that did not get the color dye and I loved the contrast. This photo looks like a fire as the reds and yellow play together.

17 September 2009 Photo: Fancy ____house

I was driving home and pulled off the highway to get gas. I hate it when the signs indicate there is gas at the exit and then you have to drive miles and miles to get to the gas. I think I was really out in the country by the time I got to the station and saw this "house" on the way. I am not sure what it is...outhouse? smoke house? hobbit house?

16 September 2009

16 September 2009: Eagle Action

This post is going out to my friend Tom Dunne. He LOVES the BC Eagles and bleeds maroon and gold. I was on campus today for a study abroad fair and the football team was practicing so I took some pictures. Hope you like them Tom!

15 September 2009: Mid Life Crisis

What is the verdict...mid-life crisis purchase or he won the lottery? Either way, it is a pretty cool car!

14 September 2009

14 September 2009 Photo: Let The Sun Shine In

I liked the lighting of the sun shining in the windows while I was at a college study abroad fair today.

13 September 2009

13 September 2009 Photo: No Photos Allowed

I went to a Flea Market today expecting that it would be a good place to take some pictures. However, as I was walking in the gate there was a big sign that read, "No Photographs Allowed. No Cameras or Videos at the Flea Market." Huh? Why would you not be allowed to take pictures at a Flea Market? Are they worried you are going to copy the way they set up their junk? Do they think you are going to steal the ideas on the 100 year old postcards? Or maybe they are afraid that you will post pictures of things that have been stolen? Anyway, I obeyed the sign and found a cemetery on the edge of the Market where I took a few pictures. Apparently they don't mind being photographed...wait maybe that is a ghost in the picture.

10 September 2009

10 September 2009 Photo: Beach Treasures

One thing that has not disappeared as I have gotten older is looking for treasures on the beach. Sea glass and shells and cool rocks always catch my eye as I walk on the beach.

09 September 2009

9 September 2009 Photo(s): 09/09/09

Today is 09/09/09 and at 09:09:09 AM I was hanging out with my best friend in Newport, RI. What better way to spend the morning of this special day. Here are a couple pictures from later in the day when the sun decided to show itself to help celebrate.

08 September 2009

8 September 2009 Photo: So Long Summer

I took a walk on the beach after dinner. It is always makes me happy when Labor Day comes and the beach tourists leave. Growing up in a beach town, it was always bitter sweet. This early September holiday means the warm beach days are coming to a close but also meant we got our town back...no more tourists or traffic! Even though I don't live there any more, I still have that feeling the day after Labor Day.

7 September 2009 Photo: Nuts And Bolts

Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't!

06 September 2009

6 September 2009 Photo(s): Our State Fair Is A Great State Fair

We finally made it to the NY State Fair today. It was a gorgeous day weather wise, a fun day spent with friends and a proud day as I got to see my photo that won 3rd place at the fair. We got there bright and early and wandered through the pavilions checking out the animals, food, rides, people. We came upon a long line and when we saw a couple of the actors from The Office, my friend said I can't believe they are here. I told him they only live in Scranton! : )

05 September 2009

5 September 2009 Photo(s): I See Old Stuff

Living in a house built in 1825, I am always drawn to the antique stores. This one wasn't really a store as everything seemed to live on the lawn all year round.

04 September 2009

4 September 2009 Photo(s): Moonset...Sunrise

My long drive home today was made less painful because of the amazing full moon setting over the Adirondacks as the sun was rising over the Green Mountains. It was just magical as the mist hovered just about the ground and the darkness turned to light. The views as I crossed Lake Champlain on the ferry were breathtaking. I wish every morning could start like this one!

03 September 2009

3 September 2009 Photo(s): Brudders Forever!

I went to go meet up with my friend Angela and her adorable boys today in Burlington. Spencer had a great time playing on all of the equipment at the playground - climbing and swinging like a little monkey. I asked him if his name was Curious George and he quickly told me "NO!" And that look on Spencer's face is just priceless. He was just so proud of himself and how fast he could get across the tires. Reidan is just such a happy little boy...his laugh and smile are just so sweet. I love baby toes...I could just eat them up! I think I should have gotten a vaccination because I have been infected with their cuteness!

02 September 2009

2 September 2009 Photo: Little Devil Or Flying Monkey?

I am not really sure what this creature is at the top of this building in Burlington, VT but maybe he is looking for Champ the monster in Lake Champlain.

UPDATE: I guess it is a Flying Monkey. You can check out the story here: http://www.monkeyswithwings.com/crittersabound2.html

1 September 2009 Photo: Smooth As Glass

Today marks a couple things...my first day back out on the road for work and beginning my 9th month of doing this blog. As I was driving to Vermont, I drove through the Adirondack State Park and found this serene scene along the way. It was just so peaceful since no one was out and about yet and I had it all to myself!