13 September 2009

13 September 2009 Photo: No Photos Allowed

I went to a Flea Market today expecting that it would be a good place to take some pictures. However, as I was walking in the gate there was a big sign that read, "No Photographs Allowed. No Cameras or Videos at the Flea Market." Huh? Why would you not be allowed to take pictures at a Flea Market? Are they worried you are going to copy the way they set up their junk? Do they think you are going to steal the ideas on the 100 year old postcards? Or maybe they are afraid that you will post pictures of things that have been stolen? Anyway, I obeyed the sign and found a cemetery on the edge of the Market where I took a few pictures. Apparently they don't mind being photographed...wait maybe that is a ghost in the picture.

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