21 April 2009

21 April 2009 Photo: Vermonster

Today was FREE CONE DAY at Ben and Jerry's. Did you get yours? I happened to be in Waterbury, VT which is the mecca for B&J's. When I lived in Vermont, my staff like to get Vermonsters for their floor programs in the residence halls. If you have never seen one of these concoctions, it consists of the following in a giant bucket:
20 scoops of ice cream (4.5 pounds)
10 scoops of chopped walnuts
5 scoops of fresh whipped cream
4 scoops of hot fudge
5 chocolate chip cookies
2 scoops of M&M’s
2 scoops of Reeses
2 scoops of chocolate jimmies
1 giant homemade brownie

I stuck with the lemonade sorbet for my free scoop today!

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