05 April 2009

4 April 2009 Photo: ¿Dónde está el sol?

We got home on Friday after a week in NYC. It was nice to be home and sleep in my own bed; however, when I woke on this fine Saturday it was cold and rainy. Within a few hours, the rain switched to snow. It wasn't the kind of snow that stuck on the ground but there were flakes on my car. I thought it was spring! My tulips are coming up outside (at least they were), the grass is turning green, the trees are budding and snow snOW SNOW was falling.

Luckily the sunflowers that my sister, Anne Marie, sent for my birthday were still alive in my house. Even though I did not have any sun outside, the bright yellow flowers inside made my day a little brighter.


  1. Enhorabuena por tus fotografías.

  2. Son muy bellas tus fotografías.