27 March 2010

26 March 2010: Moments In Time

I am not sure when the moment happens. Sometimes it is instantly...sometimes a matter a months and honestly sometimes it never happens. The moment when your work colleagues become your friends. People you truly care about and want to keep in touch with even when you are not gossiping around the water cooler.

I was able to catch up this week with a friend I still work with and one that I haven't worked with for many years. It was great on both counts. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in work and forget that there is much more to connect with people about. It was nice to remember that those connections run deeper than projects or the most recent crisis. So whether it is crazy Kelly doing yoga poses on the window ledge in our hotel room or meeting Denise's beautiful baby girl for the first time, I am happy that those connections moved past the office and into a lasting friendship!

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