28 February 2010

26 February 2010: Hot, Cold and Extinct

Snowmageddon stranded us in NYC for an extra day! We enjoyed the extra time we had in the city by visiting the Natural History Museum and building some mini snow people! Building the snow people was so fun both because I felt like a kid again (with these aches and pains since I turned 40 that is saying a lot) and it was so amazing to watch the reactions of the people who walked by us in the park. Everyone, old and young, loved the little snow family. Several people stopped to take pictures of our creations (you can see one of them taking their own picture while protecting herself with an umbrella). The little kids quickly said they wanted to make some too (sorry to those parents). We were happy and sad when we went back through the park several hours later. Our snow family was no longer standing - I don't know if they were murdered by vandals or poor construction by the help. However, we did notice several other snow people have been erected in various states and sizes throughout the park. We were happy to see that we were an inspiration to some!

We also went into the Museum of Natural History. We went in the the butterfly house. It was so hot in there especially when coming from snowmageddon. We had on turtlenecks, sweaters, fleece. I was a bit overheated by the time we left our new butterfly friends. Luckily nothing else was "alive" in the museum but then again, we were NOT there at night!

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