24 May 2010

23 May 2010: Philly Favorites

Bill had never been to Philly before and when I asked him if he wanted to do anything or see anything, of course he said...Philly Cheesesteak. So off we went to South St to find Jim's which was the suggestion of one of the locals we met at the wedding. I also went to Reading Terminal, the Italian Market and drove by the famous Rocky steps. He had a full Philly experience in the few hours we had in the City of Brotherly Love.
We met this man in the picture above as we were walking around and I asked to take his picture. He said sure, do you want me with or without the horns. I said with of course but I didn't see the hat and thought he was talking about horn as in trumpet or something since he was sitting in front of a music store. I was even happier when he pulled out the Viking horns!

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