20 June 2010

20 June 2010: Happy Father's Day

My father in law LOVES chocolate chip cookies so I made him a card with cookie cut outs to celebrate Father's Day. I think it was kind of creative! :) In case you can read it because of the glare, it says:

Dear Dad (man cut out),
We know you like to (fish cut out) fish so we got you a few: (fishing lures). Thank you for being a master cutting trees (tree cut out), watching Mona (bone cut out), ridding our house of squirrels (nut cut out), chasing away the bats (bat cutout). We are we we are able to celebrate times like Balloon Festival with you (hotair balloon cutout) and laugh about things like the "Bunny Buffet" (bunny and carrot cutouts). We (heart cutout) you. Happy Father's Day! Love Bill, Wendy and Mona

Hope all of you fathers out there had a wonderful day!

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