15 August 2009

15 August 2009 Photo(s): Photo Group Outing

Today I went on my first outing with the the Syracuse Photographers Association, a group I joined last month on www.meetup.com. It is a very active group of local photographers (some pros and some hobby photogs). The online connections were great but it was wonderful to meet people who are also obsessed with photography.

Today we went to the Seward House in Auburn, NY. It is a great museum of a house built in 1816 (just around the time our house was built). It is like stepping back in time to see the antique furniture and collections. You can check out more info here: http://www.sewardhouse.org/house/

The first 2 images are from the house and the last one is from an old abandoned factory I passed on the way home.

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  1. was blog hopping and landed on yours; browsed a little. Great photos!

    Hope you'll come browse mine. I'm not a photographer, but you mind find a chuckle or two.