11 October 2009

11 October 2009 Photo(s): Pumpkins And Apples And Sprained Ankles...OH MY!

It started out as a perfect fall day - the sun was shining...the air was crisp...the pumpkins and apples were plentiful. We took off early this morning to head to Tim's Pumpkin Patch to pick pumpkins, get cider and take some photographs. We bought 10 pumpkins to decorate around the house...big one, little ones, traditional ones and slightly ill shaped ones (they will make their appearance on the blog at a later date).

After that, we headed to Beak and Skiff to pick apples...here is where the day went terribly wrong. I was trying to get all creative and climbed the ladder - not to pick apples but to take pictures. Stupidly I was not paying attention and lost my balance on the ladder - crash, boom, twist - and I was on the ground. I still say Bill pushed me :) no not really - but when he asked if I was ok, first thing I asked about was my camera!

Two and a half hours in Urgent Care to find out the ankle was not broken. Let me tell you, it hurts like HELL! You can see me screaming in the second picture. I am hoping it is feeling better soon because I am not a good patient; however, I am resting (uncomfortable), taking Aleve (like candy) and Bill is taking care of me (like a princess).

The last picture was taken before the sprained ankle...if you click on it you can see it looks more like a painting than a photo.


  1. at least the pic was worth the fall?!

  2. hmmm...not so sure about that :)