26 October 2009

26 October 2009 Photo(s): Ghosts On Parade At Green Lakes

So bear with me since there are many pictures on today's post...I got out of the house yesterday afternoon and headed to one of the NY State Parks. I also finished the ghost cakepops early this morning so I felt I needed to include them in here as well.

Bill and I went out to Green Lakes to check out the fall colors as it was a beautiful sunny Sunday. It is a great place to go hiking but since I couldn't do much hiking, I hobbled down to the lake for a bit and then we drove around and stopped on the side of the road so I could take some photographs. The tree pictures that look like someone was laying on the ground to take the pictures were our attempt of couple photography. I saw the picture I wanted but since I was unable to get on the ground to snap it, I metered the picture and set Bill up in the position I thought would get the shot I wanted. He did a great job! I love them and thanks to Bill for laying down on the wet leaves!

And the Halloween cakepops are FINALLY done. The ghosts are cute and as each time I have made these, I learn something new that would make it easier. If you want a cakepop, come on by to visit.

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