23 October 2009

23 October 2009 Photo: Falling Faster

I had an appointment this morning to get my foot re-xrayed to make sure all was healing well. I figured since I was out of the house, I would take my camera and try to get a picture in the outside world. The fall colors are at peak right now in Central NY but they are expecting rain and wind this weekend so I imagine the leaves will be down soon. I figured I better get a few more pictures before the trees are all bare. These were taken from inside the car becasue it was a bit wet out and if case you forgot...I am in a case and on crutches :)

Anyway the foot is healing properly and I tried again to get the doctor to agree to take the cast of sooner but he told the nurse to write me a prescription for No Whining Pills. I told them they should double the dose and that Bill would attest to the need. HAHA. I get a new cast in 2 weeks and I am thinking animal print!

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