21 December 2009

21 December 2009 Photo: Turkey Bling

Bill went to the grocery store yesterday to pick up a few things - one of which was turkey deli meat. While I was making a sandwich today, I looked at the package and was confused. Why was this turkey $37!?!?! I opened the package looking for some BLING! Certainly there must be something gold or shiny in there for $75/lb. NOPE...ONLY turkey in there! I asked Bill if this was a mistake that was corrected when he checked out...NOPE! According to the receipt, he was, in fact, charged 37 bucks for 1/2 lb of turkey.

Off he went back to P&C to get the extra $33 back. Now, if you live in Central NY, you know that P&C is on the brink of bankruptcy and has been in the news for the last week about whether or not they will be bought by another company or closed for good. Maybe this is a new tactic...charge 10x the amount on deli meat to make some extra cash! This is why I shop at Wegmans!

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