11 July 2009

11 July 2009 Photo(s): S.O.S.

Bill and I stopped by the SPCA today because I am always thinking about getting a second dog. We found some real sweethearts when we were there and my heart broke as I walked away knowing that it is really not the right time for us to add another dog to our family. Most of the dogs that were there had some pitbull in them. I am amazed that people think these dogs are inherently evil. All of these dogs you see pictured above are available for adoption at the Central NY SPCA in Syracuse. http://www.cnyspca.org/ Look at those eyes, they are so hard to resist. The one at the top of page, Deuce, stole both our hearts and kept trying to squeeze through the bars. When we are ready, we will definitely be getting a rescue dog!

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