25 May 2009

25 May 2009 Photo: The Schmetterling Effect

I found the following info at http://www.thebutterflysite.com/index.html

"In French, the word “butterfly” translates into the wonderfully melodic, rolling “papillon.” Have you ever seen the breed of dog known as the Papillon? If you see this dog from the back, you will no doubt notice that its long, full ears and the markings on them resemble a butterfly with its wings spread.

In the Filipino language, “paruparo” means butterfly.

People in Portugal call butterflies “borboleta,” while in Spain, Mexico, and other Spanish speaking countries, the winged darlings are known as “mariposa.”

If you spot a butterfly while you are in Germany, you call it a “schmetterling,” which is charmingly lyrical. It sounds like the kind of creature that belongs in a book by Dr. Seuss!

The Italian translation is quite beautiful as well: when in Rome, do as the Romans, and call the butterfly a “farfalla.”

Those who speak Romanian know the butterfly as the “fluture,” which sounds exactly like it looks – like you are saying “future,” but with an L in it.

If you find yourself in Lithuania, make sure to point out the beautiful “drugelis.”

If you are speaking Danish, then you are seeing a “sommerfug” whenever you see a butterfly."

Schmetterling...I like the way that word sounds. Next time I see a beautiful winged creature I am going to yell "schmetterling" instead!

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