14 June 2009

14 June 2009 Photo(s): Magical Moments

By 9AM this moring, I had a pretty magical day. Bill and I went across the street to our neighbors who live on the water to watch the 6am balloon launch. When we got down there, the water looked so inviting that I decided to take the kayak out to watch the balloons take off. I love kayaking and love hot air balloons so it was a perfect combination. I put my camera in a plastic bag and off I paddled. The rising sun with the rising balloons...it just couldn't get much better than that.

Afterward when we got home, Bill was taking Mona out and came across a baby woodpecker who was learning to fly. I had come across the same scene last year so I knew the baby would be ok so I ran to get the camera and take some photographs. As we were standing around, the bird started hopping toward my sister and she kept moving back to let the bird have space but it continued to follow her. I told her to stand still for a moment and the woodpecker hopped right on her foot and started climbing up her leg while saying, "Are you my mommy?" We were AMAZED and enjoyed this magical moment until I removed the baby and placed it in the tree out of harms way. All this followed by a lovely morning under the gazebo reading the Sunday paper...I just wish everyday could start off so perfect!

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