13 June 2009

13 June 2009 Photo(s): Plenty Of Hot Air To Go Around

It was Day 2 of Balloon Festival. The balloons went up last night and this morning but unfortunately for my guests, they did not fly this evening. We had a fabulous time despite the lack of hot air in the balloons...if you knew my friends, you know that the hot air was still flowing!

I went to the balloon field this morning with Bill, my sister and my in-laws and we had a spectacular show as more than 20 balloons took off. As we were watching, Bill called them gems in the sky and I liked that phrase. The morning and early afternoon was lovely and pretty much as soon as my guests arrived, so did the rain. Despite the rain and no balloons flying, we had a great time catching up. The 2 little girls are Carlea and Nina after a rousing game of rug twister. Both of their parents also have blogs that you can check out to see more cute pictures...

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