07 June 2009

7 June 2009 Photo: Disappointing Del's

We were driving by Tim Horton's and I saw a sign and almost drove off of the road. "Del's Sold Here!" What?!?! Could it be? Did someone FINALLY bring one of my favorite summertime treats to NY .

If you are from RI, you certainly know what Del's is and understand the tasty memory that made my drool in my car. If you aren't from RI, here is a bit of history of Del's http://www.dels.com/ As a kid/teenager, it was great to find the Del's truck or go to the Del's storefront to get this frozen lemony treat complete with little bits of lemon rind to cool you down in the heat of the summer.

To my dismay, this "Del's" did not live up to the name. Del's sells a packet now that you can make your own from and it is not the same as Great grandfather DeLucia used to make back in the day. It was very disappointing...the taste was all wrong, no lemon rind and no smell of the salt water of the Atlantic. I need to write to Tim Horton's about this false advertising! Oh well, I guess I will have to wait until I get back to RI this summer to get the real deal.

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