09 June 2009

9 June 2009 Photo: Stop And Smell The Roses

Well it finally rained and gave all my flowers, plants and veggies a much needed soaking. As I am still in awe of my roses blooming this year, I decided it was time to take some pictures of my little rose buds and found this fly who stopped to smell the roses.

When I went to find the origin of this phrase, I was surprised that it seems to be attributed to Ringo Starr's album in the 80's. Surely it was around before that but the web produced no definitive proof other than it may have been around for a century or so. Too often we get so caught up in life and forget to appreciate the small moments, the beauty around us, the people we know or even the ones we don't. And then before you know it, it may be too late. Whomever crafted this suggestion, we should all take a lesson from this fly, Ringo Starr, or two old friends meandering through a rose garden a century ago...take some time out today and do something you enjoy! OK...I am stepping off my soap box before I fall or am pushed.

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