03 January 2009

3 January 2009 Photo: Reflections

The first thing I saw when I walked outside this morning, was glittering snowflakes coming down. Not a particular surprise in Central NY in January; however, I decided to grab the camera as Mona was outside doing her business. I took a few photos and my favorite was the one above where the flash created these orb like images around the wind chime. It has me reflecting on family and friends who have moved on from this world, but I still feel connected to them.

The Christmas season is always a bittersweet time in our family because my mom's birthday was December 22nd or 25th (a story for another time), the last time she was home from the hospital for a day was Christmas eve 1986 and today (3 January) is the day my mom passed away 22 years ago. This year was difficult for the family again as my brother, Angelo, has been in the hospital for a month dealing with complications from his diabetes. He was not able to spend Christmas eve with us this year but we went up to see him in the hospital on Christmas day. He is doing much better as I write this post and here's hoping that he will be out of the hospital soon because I know he misses his daughter and she misses him!

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